5 Must Go To Places When You Visit Malioboro

When you are in the picture above will travel 5 This place is going to visit. malioboro is one of the main attraction for all those who like to travel, and this is 5 where you will visit when in Malioboro, Lets gooo !!!!!!!

1.      Bringharjo Market
Berinharjo Market
Beringharjo market or also called the oldest market in Yogyakarta can not be separated from Kraton Yogyakarta, bering that have meaning and Harjo banyan tree that has meaning prosperity is chosen by the sri sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII.

2.      Taman Pintar
Taman Pintar
the explosion of science and technology in the early 90's made Yogyakarta Kingdom government to create educational park that could attract visitors and smart memintarkannnya.taman own many rides were interesting and not boring.

3.      Bakpia Store
if you've been in Yogya pastti especially in malioboro you will buy souvenirs whose name bakpia this, the prices are relatively cheap and can immediately see the process of making sure you will buy it.

4.      Vedenbrugh Frot
Vedenbrugh Frot
yeah !!!! one of the buildings still standing in front of the point of zero km This is a silent witness of the history of war and citizens Pribumi.benteng Netherlands is one Sattu wall of defense in the Netherlands in the wake of the Netherlands itself with the hiring of Natives.

5.      Kraton Yogyakarta
Kraton Yogyakarta
This is one of the complex of dwelling Kings Yogyakarta which has been open to the public and can be visited, to treat our curiosity against the Kings and his residence. 

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