Wayang Wong Yogyakarta

Wayang Wong Yogyakarta, yogya-backpacker
www.jogjadestination.comWayang Wong Yogyakarta. Already familiar to the ears of the wider community that Wayang has become a show that closely with the people of Indonesia, especially Java. here we will discuss about Wayang Wong in the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

The term wayng wong stemmed from the ancient language, "wayang wwang' which was found on inscription of Wimalasmara (with the year 930 AD inscribed on it) in East Java.

Wayang means .shadow and wwang means 'human. Another note abaout Javanese drama dance was also found on Nagarakartagama in the 14th Century and Kidung Sunda 1550AD. The first Wayang wong performed in the palace was believed to be commemorating the Sri Sultan HB I's first year since his done in front of Bangsal Kencono, which was analogized as 'kelir' of backdrop. The Sultan sat in the center of the stage facing east and acted as the 'dalang' or the puppeteer. The wayang wong show ini there reflects the Sultan's legitimacy as the ruler of Java.

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