Traditions Pisowanan Garebeg Palace Yogyakarta

Traditions Palace Yogyakarta, -- Traditions Pesowanan Garebeg Palace Yogyakarta.

one of the events heid during Garebeg Mulud in Dal Year is the Pesowanan Garebeg.

On Friday (1/12), the Sultan arrived at the Bagsal Kencana after the brigade of soldies finised the lampah macak at the kedhaton area, The pisowanan was attended by the relatives of Sultan, KGPAA Paku Alam X and spouse as well as the Sipat Bupati Palace Courties, In this processon, the Sultan took out rice from the sacred pot of Kanjeng Nyai Mrica, clenched it into three small balls, and put them to the Kanjeng Kyai Blawong carried by the KPH Purbodiningrat & KPH Yudanegara, The three rice clenches were given to GKR mangkubumi to be given to GKR Hemas, KGPAA Paku Alam X, and GKBRAy Adipati Pakualam X, After the rice cienching proccesion was finished, KPH Notonegoro, as the Narpacundaka, cued for the time of serving the rice clenches and tea drnkto the relatives and the attendingPalace Courtiers, Philosophically, the rice gven by the Sultan is a form of alms from the king, and the symbol of fertility.

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