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MountMerapi National Park | Nature Special Tour. Mount Merapi National Park is a stunning and beautiful natural attractions located in the Special Region of Yogyakarta or precisely located in Kab. Sleman Yogyakarta. Mount Merapi National Park is very easy and easy to find from point zero km, or Malioboro downtown Yogyakarta. National Park is still beautiful and very friendly, is a National Park located in the northern Pucuk Special Region Yogyakarata. This park is still a lot of animals that roam. But do not worry he was not wild, the animal is like a monkey, although often occur during rainy season but rainy season National Park of Mount Merapi never deserted from the visitors. The park provides 3 natural attractions that are all related to nature. But beyond that there is also a pool to play water bikes, swings and culinary tours. Eve from the National Park is quite cold if compared with Yogyakarta City, because it is located at the foot of Mount Merapi. Yeah here are 3 tours that we can seven when we are in Mount Merapi National Park:

1. Waterfall
When we arrive at our entrance in the show by the map in Mount Merapi Tour Park. If we want to go to the Waterfall then we just walk straight from the entrance. Straight up until there is no way and therein lies the Waterfall. Water from the Waterfall is very cold and still flowing from Hulu to Hilir.

2. Peak Kaliurang
The name is Klaiurang Peak, yes, the purpose here is Peak of Kaliurang when we are in the Volcano Park we are not Afdol if just see the Waterfall and do not see Kaliurang from above this direction. We are suguhi very beautiful scenery at this peak Kaliurang. Can see the area around from the top of Kaliurang Peak.

3. Goa of Japan
Yeah sekain we can enjoy the 2 tours above we can also enjoy the former bangker Army of Japanese former weapons storage from the Japanese Army. The tour is very large historical value is a little far away from the entrance and compare the two attractions above. The Japanese Cave is interesting in the visit for keeping historical secrets and for researches.

Entrance Rates Mount Merapi National Park

Ordinary Day, Mon-Fri
          Weekend, Saturday-Sunday

Rp. 6,000

Rp. 15,000

If viewed from the tariff installed by the manager is very commensurate with the satisfaction of visitors who can enjoy 3 tours with a one time pay admission.

The location of Volcano National Park

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