Five Greatest Muslim scientists in the world

Five Greatest Muslim scientits in the word, at the beginning of the era of the growth of Islam, the world's knowledge to experience the golden age With appears by scientists Muslims to this day inventions are still in use and be a reference to the development of modern knowledge, but may be a lack of publicity and many historical events make their names less known even among Muslims themselves. for the development of science and knowledge in the formal school are generally dominated by the inventors and by scientists west, when in fact the Muslims were the first who discovered and developed the science. History has buried western history about them that few Muslim scientists who entered the history of the invention of ink in the world. And here are the by scientists that.

1.Ibnu Sina
Ibnu Sina,, Taken,
His full name is Abu Ali Hussein bin Abdullah bin Hassan bin Ali Ibn Sina, better known western world with Avicena is a Muslim intellectual genius almost unrivaled until now, proved at the age of 10 years he has memorized the Koran 30 chapters, and at the age of 18 he had mastered all the sciences at aat, who is the father of medicine world, until its discovery it was still used as a reference book in the well-known universities around the world, more or less books in karangnnya around 502 books, which explains the Medical Economics , Social, and others.

2. Al Farabi
Al-Farabi, Taken,

Abu Nassar bin Muhammad bin Ahmad Ibn Turka Ibn solitude Al Farabi or al Farabi or better known in the west as Alfarabius aqdalah a nationality Turkey who have blood relations with the people of Persia, as a child he was known as the studious who has a sharp mind , he learned Arabic, Turkish, and Persian in his hometown as an adult in Farab moved to Baghdad and stayed there for about 20 years his website, where he studied philosophy, logic, mathematics, political science, and so on. From Baghdad he moved to Tehran Iran to study The scientists there, continue to return to Baghdad, his time in Baghdad spent with reading and writing, al Farabi know about Logic, Life Sciences, Metaphysics, Chemistry, Political Science, and even about the music , discoveries in the physics of sound wave that is used in musical tones not start from a basic tone to the particular frequency that can produce notes, all documented in his book called al-musika.

3. Al-Battani
Al-Battani, Taken,
Is a scientist who touted credited with finding a matter of days in a year, named Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Jabir Inisan al Battani, western people called him by al Batinius, yes born next to the town ty near Wonder known expert Astronomy and Mathematics dubbed by the Century mathematician pertenggahan, in mathematics he was the first to find Trigonometric, the midwife Astromomi that could measure time within one year of their pages AD,

4. Ibnu Hayyan
Ibnu Hayyan, Taken,
known in Europe as Gheber is an expert philosopher and logic that works in the field of Physics and Medicine. In addition he also has exceptional chemical sciences yes very proficient in chemical separation procedures such as: crystallized, distillation, extraction, and so forth. expertise in other fields is in the manufacture of acidic substances, and very visible is the inventor of the first in the affairs of the separation of chemical substances.

5. Al-Khawarizmi
Al-Khawarizmi, Taken.
he is very well known in the science of mathematics, Has a very famous book, namely Al-Jabar, such inventions, algorithms, in the field of Astronomy he made Astronomical table now better known by the map.

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