7 Points Armature Existing in Yogyakarta

1.Ambarukmo Plaza
ambarukmo Plaza,
Amplaz or Ambarukmoplaza is majestic mall that is in the middle of the city of Yogyakarta, but not in the thought-knows that this mall has things that do not make sense and austere. Cleaning service stories when they were cleaning the toilet in the last turn memdapatkan they must be accompanied by a visitor who was in the bathroom, but he did not come out until they weare finished, there's just voices alone
from the beginning of the existing pembangunanya odd things like carabao grass can not be cut, should be bathed with flowers 7 rupah and others.
supposedly the land where this mall stands is on land owned by the Yogyakarta palace which was once a guesthouse horses, an orchard sacred king and king.

2. UGM roundabout technique
Roundabout Teqniue UGM,
University of Indonesia's leading this country Carries its own mystical things, from word of mouth, who would dare to sing songs fall Bungah in the roundabout, especially at night would be the presence of guests of the fighters and to sing along and there was a scent of incense and Bungah setaman.

3. UGM fishing bridge
Bridge Fishing UGM
Besides Roundabout Engineering UGM UGM fishery bridge is also a reputedly haunted places there is a ghost woman who used to tell children in the name of Ms. royhana often raises his form with fielded his way from the bridge.

4. Verendeburg Frot
Vedebrugh Frot
Mystery stories often encountered here as troops first Dutch company that suddenly appeared and noni Dutch body half horse often encountered here.

5. Potatos Home Kota Baru
Potatoes Home
This place is a place haunted house selanjutnnya neighbor's story, often smell of potatoes from an empty house uninhabited, reputedly the potato smell is a sign of the presence of ghosts Genderuwo

6. .Panggung Krapyak / Cage Menjangan
Kandang Menjangan Krapyak Yogyakarta
Deer enclosure or stage Krapyak have mystical aroma that kentak in because in 1613 this deer enclosure was built to commemorate the royal relatives who died while hunting in situ and in situ dulunnya is the place to hunt for the royal family.

7. .Jalanan Riangroad West
Ringroad West Yogyakarta
although westernRingroad this as a sign of any road-most end of the town but the streets are deserted street most of the ringroad-existing ringroad, on ringroad is still a lot of fields and big trees mystical stories at night were a time when there are passing in this place then he will see the figure of a woman dressed in white who, when we approach will disappear by itself,

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