5 Uniqueness of Yogyakarta by Thailand Students

5 uniqueness YogyakartaAccording to Thai students, number of students from the country studying white elephant Yogyakarta to both the student and the student or high school levels. There are indeed had relatives in Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta, there are also those who simply want to visit and enjoy life in this privileged area. Although they live overseas and settled in Yogyakarta, rarely return to their home country according to them very happy in Yogyakarta, and 5 things that make them feel at home in Yogyakarta: Here's the summary.

Thailand Student
According oang Thailand resident in Yogyakarta very rama smile with in favor by good manners, in addition, it is also a majority Muslim population in Yogyakarta is not like in negarannya itself automatically Buddhist majority and minorities bit in the right corner.

2. Language
Formerly often claimed to have learned English, however, disinni English is still valid and most of Yogyakarta itself using the local language, and said they were very unique language, his and easy to be learned

3. Culture
Culture in Yogyakarta is growing rapidly, and complementary, that made Thais feel at home here because of the mix of mutual trust peace coexistence.

4. Writing and reading
In terms of writing might teach Thai people in Thailand and letter writing letters ABC to write English. But they said Indonesian learn writing is very unique and very easy probably just took one month was already fluent writing and .bacaannya. Is because they said the same written language here so no lying word in the reading does not like English letters A, should be read E.

5. Travel
Yogyakarta is famous for the culture. But people do not understand the ins and outs of Yogyakarta would have assumed such that Yogyakarta is just a cultural city, but when you already know the city also saves tours of exotic menarrik to visit such as: beaches, culinary, lazy river, waterfalls and many again, according to said they still bagusan Yogyakarta than lion statue in Singapore that can remove water from the Argumen it. in Singapore constipation trash wrote there should be a Protection but in Yogyakarta Enjoy men want where wrote hehehhehe. The important thing is trash.

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