5 Foods you can only Find in Jogja

5 Foods you can only Find in JogjaAmong students save and not wasteful is one way to survive in the city .with people eat food that is cheap and that is important is the one full meal on select 5 students UINYogyakarta.


Burjoan, Taken From:Jogjadestination.com
Burjoan really enjoy doing Student UIN Yogyakarta, in because prices are relatively cheap and the weather is typical of the paint shop that has characteristics of yellow and red, the students stand here for hours of chatting up awalnnya discussion.

2. Blue Stall Kopma
Blue Stall Kopma, Taken From: Jogjadestination.com
take your own food stalls / this buffet. so many visitors among male and female students, because students consider it could take rice yangbanyak and choose where they will fish.

3. Angkringan
Angkringan, Taken From: Jogjadestination.com
This, ni stand as the only place to eat that is simple and has a typical dish of food that you will not encounter in any place except Yogyakarta.dengan bandrol mkanan considerable cost andsa definitely will feel the pleasures.

4. Padang Food
Padeang Foods, Taken From: Jogjadestination.com
These foods so the next alternative because this food has its own price rates for students and student mahasisiwa therefore really if the spirit of eating here.

5. Ayam Geprek Mahasiswa
Foods Stalls Chiken Geprek, Taken From: Jogjadestination.com
By positioning thestall adjacent to UIN, already have reasonable ni stall stall named as chicken geprek students as visitors most of the students.

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